Getting Out of Your Head and Into Action

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Heeding the Call to Grow

Another way I’ve seen this concept of stretching ourselves to embody a new version of oneself is in my daughter as she’s learned to drive and to cast aside her thoughts and fears around it to simply drive. I mention her journey because it’s partially my journey too as my husband and I are teaching her to drive ourselves. What I’ve noticed as a key aspect of her going from lamenting at the impossibility of it all last Wednesday night to feeling glad that she went driving the past few days and seeing some progress has simply been going out to drive regularly with us.

Making Decisions Ahead of Time

I reminded my hubbie how I wake up and exercise every morning no matter how I feel about it (usually about 5 or so days out the week, with few exceptions). No matter how hard or light I push myself while I move how good or bad I feel, I do it. Sometimes I feel on top of the world and do a hard strength building weight routine. Sometimes my energy is lower or my body hurts, and I just go for a short walk or stretch. The point is that if it’s a week day, I generally don’t give myself the choice to not do it — I’ve taken decision-making out of it entirely. It’s with this taking the decision making out of the equation that I can now say I’ve been exercising for the past 2–3 years now. Daily-ish exercise is just part of who I am now.

Choosing actions aligned with values

On a side note, exercise is something I value, know the benefit of, and have chosen to commit to for my own health — mental and physical. This is very similar to my daughter’s desire to drive because of the high value and benefit she has placed on being able to do so for her in the present and hear future as she goes to college. It’s similar to my commitment to writing things and sharing them that I don’t always feel quite capable of wrapping the right words around yet, like this piece now.

Non-attachment to the Outcome

When we know something is true for us, it can feel kind to share with our loved ones, like using this intimate knowledge to try to help our daughter make the journey of learning to drive a little less painful — although I’ll leave it to her good judgment and autonomy to decide what’s ultimately most helpful and what’s not on her learning to drive journey.



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Jayne Anne Ammar

Jayne Anne Ammar

Health coach. My coaching and writing are meant to reconnect you with your own healing wisdom.